Artist Management

Now operating from our new location in Atlanta, USA, Iska Music is pleased to inform you of updates to our music artist management services.
For an artist to successfully launch their career, they need a team of professionals who can help them with everything from booking concerts and festivals to running marketing campaigns. However, there is one problem: the music industry has changed in such a way that there are too many musicians and too few opportunities. But not to worry, our three-step music management service can help you to take your music passion or career to the next level.

STEP 1: We appraise your music for commercial appeal
Send us some samples of your music. If we think we can work with you, we will ask you for some more information. This is the DISCOVERY stage and we do not charge you any money for this.

STEP 2: We provide mentorship and guidance for your music career
1.We will register with a music distribution company, who will collect all your worldwide music sales proceedings and send directly to you, as available. You will need to fill the required forms by yourself, or if you wish, we will do this for you.
2. We will for at least one year thereafter, work with you to build your career, giving you advice, instructions and basic education to help you turn your music into a profit-making business.
This is a career PLANNING STAGE, and there is no charge. If we think we can work with you further, we may thereafter sign a management agreement with you.

STEP 3: We provide you with full music career management service
We provide you with full music career management service from start to finish. We will help you find the right music label, manage your music career, create and market your music, and more. We will be your partner all the way, knowing that if you do not make money we also will not.

There are two ways to initiate our Management Service:
1. Send some information about yourself as well as links to at least 3 samples your music to
2. Fill the submission form at

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